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Nuclear Industry

At Param Technocraft, we pride ourselves on being customer-driven to create the customized machinery parts you need to get your job done. For the businesses in the nuclear industry, we can make sure that you have the flanges, plates, brackets and many more metal components for your plant.

Whether your desired parts are made from stainless steel, aluminum, steel, or any composite material; we will cut them precisely and accurately to your liking with our state-of-the-art waterjet cutting services. You'll see the attention and care our highly skilled professionals have given your metal parts to make sure your business can operate safely and productively.

  • Nuclear Industry

Defence Industry

Param Technocraft's Waterjet cutting for defence parts offers distinct level of precision and value that other cutting services simply cannot match. When it comes to meeting quality control, tight tolerances, and custom cutting requests on a variety of heavy metals, composite material and alloys, Param Technocraft's waterjet cutting for defence supplies is always up to the challenge. Currently we are an authorised/approved vendor of renowned company for defence projects.

  • Defence Industry
  • Defence Industry
  • Defence Industry

Manufacturing and Heavy Engineering Industry

Every industry needs a supplier for their company's parts. Choices and partnerships may come and go, but Param Technocraft is here to stay. With our speedy and reliable service, we are always looking to find new business partners, becoming an extension of your production team.For businesses involved in Manufacturing and Heavy Engineering you're probably always seeking new parts for mixing tubes, tanks, paddles, turbines, Boiler components, blades and many other equipment. With commercial waterjet cutting, we can create those parts and have them in your hands quickly, thanks to our many highly skilled and professional workforce.

  • Manufacturing and Heavy Engineering Industry
  • Manufacturing and Heavy Engineering Industry
  • Manufacturing and Heavy Engineering Industry

Power Industry

For companies in the power industry, downtime caused by waiting around for replacement parts simply isn’t an option. From rings and seals for the oil and gas industry to precision turbine parts for water- and wind-powered turbines, custom waterjet cutting power industry parts is a fast, reliable and cost-effective way to have access to components you need — when you need them.

When you choose Param Technocraft for waterjet cutting for power industry equipment, you get the valuable combination of engineering excellence and accelerated lead times. With expedited parts production, professional staff, and exceptional customer service, Param Technocraft becomes a true partner in your supply chain.

  • Power Industry